Williamsburg Dining & Entertainment

Williamsburg Dining & Entertainment

Where to eat and drink in Williamsburg

Williamsburg offers a dynamic dining and drinking experience, effortlessly combining its storied past with contemporary culinary trends. Here, you can enjoy everything from the sophisticated French cuisine at Le Yaca to the pioneering craft beers brewed on-site at Amber Ox Public House. The area’s eateries and pubs, including the historically themed Colonial Williamsburg Taverns, serve up a rich array of flavors that reflect both the local heritage and modern tastes. Whether seeking an elegant meal, a casual bite, or a refreshing pint, Williamsburg’s food and beverage scene provides a diverse palette of options for every visitor, encapsulating the essence of this vibrant community.

The Fat Canary

The Fat Canary is a jewel in the heart of Williamsburg, known for its exceptional dining experience that marries contemporary American cuisine with local and seasonal ingredients. The intimate atmosphere, coupled with a meticulously curated wine list, makes it a must-visit for those seeking a memorable meal. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and service shines through its innovative dishes, ensuring a culinary journey that’s as delightful as it is unforgettable.

Amber Ox Public House

Amber Ox Public House is a testament to Williamsburg’s evolving culinary scene, blending traditional Southern cuisine with modern culinary techniques. This gastropub prides itself on its innovative approach to food and its commitment to sourcing ingredients locally, creating a menu that’s both familiar and surprising. Beyond the plate, Amber Ox features an in-house brewery, Warhill Brewing Company, offering a selection of craft beers that perfectly complement their dishes. With a lively atmosphere and a dedication to quality, Amber Ox Public House is a favorite among those who appreciate good food, good beer, and good company in a vibrant setting.

The Cheese Shop

A staple of the Williamsburg food scene for decades, The Cheese Shop offers an extensive selection of cheeses from around the world, alongside a menu of gourmet sandwiches, wines, and specialty foods. Its casual yet vibrant atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely lunch or an afternoon snack. Don’t forget to sample their famous house dressing; it’s a local legend for a reason!

Berret’s Seafood Restaurant & Taphouse Grill

Berret’s Seafood Restaurant & Taphouse Grill excels in offering fresh, local seafood and a variety of craft beers in a welcoming, laid-back setting. Whether you choose to dine in the elegant restaurant area or the more casual Taphouse Grill, you’ll enjoy expertly prepared dishes that highlight the best of Virginia’s coastal bounty. Their outdoor seating area provides a lovely atmosphere for dining al fresco during warmer months.

The Hound’s Tale

The Hound’s Tale is a cozy and whimsical spot that invites diners to enjoy a creative menu in a friendly, eclectic atmosphere. With dishes that range from comfort food classics to inventive culinary creations, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The restaurant’s playful decor and warm service make it an ideal location for a casual night out with friends or a romantic dinner for two.

Williamsburg Winery

No visit to Williamsburg is complete without a trip to the Williamsburg Winery, where guests can indulge in tastings of award-winning wines amidst the picturesque backdrop of Virginia’s largest winery. The onsite restaurant, Gabriel Archer Tavern, offers a menu designed to complement their wines, featuring locally-sourced ingredients and seasonal specialties. It’s a perfect destination for a leisurely afternoon of wine tasting or a romantic dinner in a stunning setting.

Blue Talon Bistro

Blue Talon Bistro offers a serious, casual dining experience with a French twist, emphasizing comfort food with a touch of sophistication. Their commitment to creating a warm, inviting atmosphere where guests can enjoy classic dishes made from the finest ingredients sets them apart. With its central location in the historic district, Blue Talon Bistro is a favorite among locals and visitors alike for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making it a cornerstone of Williamsburg’s culinary community.

Second Street Bistro

Second Street Bistro stands out for its eclectic menu that blends American cuisine with global influences, all in a relaxed, family-friendly setting. Known for its extensive selection of craft beers and creative cocktails, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring Williamsburg. The bistro’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients ensures a fresh, flavorful experience with each visit.

Paul’s Deli & Neighborhood Restaurant

A Williamsburg institution, Paul’s Deli & Neighborhood Restaurant has been serving up hearty Italian-American fare and a welcoming college-town vibe since 1977. Known for its pizza, subs, and lively atmosphere, Paul’s Deli is a popular spot among college students, families, and visitors seeking a casual meal in a friendly setting. Its proximity to the College of William & Mary adds to its vibrant energy and local charm.

Kimball Theatre

For those seeking entertainment, the Kimball Theatre in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg offers a diverse lineup of performances, from live theater and musical concerts to classic film screenings. This historic venue has been a cultural pillar of the community since 1933, providing a charming and intimate setting for experiencing the arts. The Kimball Theatre is not just a place to watch a show; it’s a piece of Williamsburg’s rich history.

Craft 31

Craft 31 is a go-to destination for burger enthusiasts and craft beer aficionados. With a focus on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant elevates the classic burger experience with innovative toppings and flavors. The outdoor patio and lively bar scene make Craft 31 an ideal spot for social gatherings or a casual night out.

Colonial Williamsburg Taverns

For a dining experience steeped in history, the Colonial Williamsburg Taverns—such as Chowning’s Tavern and King’s Arms Tavern—offer a unique opportunity to step back in time. These authentic 18th-century taverns serve traditional colonial fare in an atmosphere filled with period music and storytelling. Dining here is not just about the food; it’s about immersing yourself in the history and culture of colonial America.

Williamsburg Botanical Garden

While not a dining or entertainment venue in the traditional sense, the Williamsburg Botanical Garden offers a peaceful retreat and a feast for the senses. Located within Freedom Park, the garden is a beautiful setting for leisurely walks, picnics, and nature photography. Throughout the year, it hosts various educational programs and events, making it a vibrant part of the community.

The Virginia Beer Company

The Virginia Beer Company is a favorite among craft beer lovers, boasting a wide selection of brews made on-site. The brewery features a spacious taproom and outdoor beer garden where visitors can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, food trucks, and regular live music events. It’s a testament to Williamsburg’s growing reputation as a destination for craft beer enthusiasts.

Revolution Golf and Grille

Revolution Golf and Grille combines dining with entertainment, offering a unique concept where guests can enjoy high-quality food while playing on state-of-the-art golf simulators. It’s an ideal spot for groups, families, or anyone looking to add a bit of competition to their meal. With a menu that caters to all tastes and a wide selection of beers on tap, it’s a fun twist on the traditional dining experience.

1600 Grill

1607 Grill in Williamsburg is a culinary gem that captivates both locals and visitors with its blend of traditional American cuisine and a hint of Southern flair. Located in the heart of historic Williamsburg, this cozy grill offers a warm, inviting atmosphere that complements its menu of hearty, flavorful dishes perfectly suited for any palate. Known for its attentive service and friendly staff, 1607 Grill prides itself on creating a dining experience that feels both intimate and welcoming.

Le Yaca French Restaurant

Le Yaca brings a slice of French elegance to Williamsburg, offering a fine dining experience that remains cozy and inviting. Known for its impeccable service and exquisite French cuisine, this restaurant is perfect for those special occasions or when you simply crave a touch of sophistication in your dining choices. With a well-curated wine list to complement your meal, Le Yaca stands as a beacon of culinary excellence.

Precarious Beer Project

As part of the modern wave of craft beer in Williamsburg, Precarious Beer Project excels in offering an adventurous beer selection in an energetic, contemporary setting. It’s not just about the beer; the venue hosts live music, trivia nights, and other events that make it a lively spot for nightlife. With an on-site taco stand providing the perfect pairing, Precarious ensures a fun and flavorful night out.

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